Public Speaking Training

Just Say It

The moment you open your mouth, you let the world know who you are. This saying may or may not be true, but first impressions do last. Knowing this, wouldn’t you want to be in control of what you say — and how you say it? 

Elevation’s Center for Public Speaking and Strategic Communications is the first choice for individuals and companies seeking dynamic and innovative communications training solutions. Our communications experts leverage their experience and innovation to provide clients with entertaining and educational seminars as well as personalized coaching. Our team has coached CEOs of million-dollar entertainment companies, entrepreneurs and community leaders. We’ve worked with actors, teachers, salespeople, musicians, small-business owners and prominent athletes – all of whom endeavor to take the next step in communications development. 


Through our intensive training programs, which combine writing and presentation techniques, video feedback and  critical assessment, Elevation students are able to step on stage in any environment and under any condition to deliver a masterful performance filled with grace and tact. Join Elevation’s expert trainers in studio and on a street corner, and be prepared to work harder than you ever have for results that will put you and your audience at ease. 

What's Covered in our Programs

  • Messaging – How to develop proper messaging 
  • Speech Writing – Learn structure and content strategies 
  • Delivery – Master your technique by using effective communication tools 
  • Storytelling – Use humor, visuals and stories to paint pictures 
  • Impromptu Speaking – Discover tricks of the trade to keep you ready for the unpredictable 
  • Conquering Fear – How to overcome anxiety and nervousness 

Private Coaching

Got a last minute presentation to make? A speech to give? A meeting to run? A fear of speaking in public?  This one-on-one intensive program is designed to help you get a running start on your upcoming speech or presentation, while building an arsenal of effective communication tools. 

Presentation for Success - Two Day Intensive Course

Through actual street speaking, stage time and video feedback, this intensive program is designed to help you conquer your fear of public speaking, while building an arsenal of effective communication tools. This course will give you the opportunity to use all the skills needed in any business situation. A wide range of activities, including dialogues, exercises and role-playing is used throughout the program to encourage communication among students. 

Don't Just Take Our Word For It!

"I hired them the first time because I thought they'd be interesting. I hired them again because their speeches led to increased sales." 

Mike J, President, Texas Direct Marketing 

"I am pleased to have worked with Kal aboard the Sun Princess Cruise Ship. By all accounts, he did a fantastic job as our Guest Lecturer. I would be pleased to endorse him by means of industry reference." 

Frank Castiglione, Cruise Director, Princess Cruise Lines 

"On behalf of the London Canadian Food Service Executive Association, please accept our sincere thanks to your entire team who supported the presentation to the delegates of the recent CFSEA Conference. By all accounts our delegates were provided a very educational session on Presentation Skill planning. It was obvious that your Presentation Team took the necessary time to plan and execute this very positive presentation. We would be pleased to endorse your program at any time by way of an industry reference to your presentation." 

Barry B., Canadian Food Service Executive Association